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At the Lake, 2014
All gone home, 2012
The window, 2013
Lego on floor, 2014
Hus med plader, 2015
Collection, 2014
Timesheet, Lawn Mower, 2010
Timesheet, Agurk, 2010
Two women, 2014
Scary woman 3, 2011
Inde i skoven bagved, 2016
Backyard Keeps, 2016
We levitate and see everything clearly, 2015
A better Place, 2015

I love you precisely and detailed, 2014

Feat. Unknown Woman
Feat. Claus Lembourn
Feat. W. Churchill
Feat. Unknown man
Feat. Yasunari Kawabati
Feat. BB King
Feat. David Seidner
Feat. Charles Bukowsky
Feat. Buster Keaton