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“Draught Europe” is my contribution about the sad and painful realization that I am part of the environmental problem. If the human behaviour on Earth had an age it would be middle-aged. The age when you become aware that you cannot stay young forever and that you are going to die.  Then you start exercising, but most of the damages are irreparable. You claim you are changing your habits, but actually you only bought running shoes. The human population of the earth is a middle-aged stupid person in bad shape. He is possessed with new gadgets and it is difficult for him to change his habits. However, there is hope. I think the world is getting wiser. It is hard to detect at the moment, but I sense it.

Draught, Europe 2022
Draught, Europe, detail low 2022
Draught, Europe from back, 2022
Draught, Europe detail 2022